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Everything to Know About the Prothrombin Time Test

You might have seen people getting the Prothrombin time test in any of the Pathology Labs For Blood Tests In Howrah. But do you know what it is? Keep on reading to learn all about it. 

What is Prothrombin Time Test?

Prothrombin time test is done in any Pathology Lab In Howrah. It is done to calculate the time anyone’s blood plasma takes to clot. Commonly Prothrombin is known as Factor II, and it acts as the primary plasma protein which clots your blood. 

The test is mainly done among patients who have haemophilia. Many people get a Prothrombin time test when a simple cut in their bodies leads to severe blood loss. 

How is a Prothrombin Time Test Performed?

The procedure associated with the Prothrombin time test is pretty straightforward. Like any other test, your blood will be drawn by a nurse or a phlebotomist. The laboratory will then examine how much time your blood takes to clot after adding certain chemicals. 

What to Infer from the Test Result?

After getting the Prothrombin time test from the Best Diagnostic Centre In Howrah, you will get your result within a few hours. 

If your blood gets clotted between 11 to 13.5 seconds, you have normal Prothrombin levels. But if your test results display any abnormality, you will have to contact your physician. 

Several underlying factors lead to abnormality in blood clotting time. Some of them include:

  • Wrong dosage of medication
  • Liver diseases
  • A deficiency of Vitamin K
  • Factor II deficiency 

No matter what your results are, do not start panicking. Blood clotting disorder is nothing unusual. Right after getting the Prothrombin test results from the Best Pathology Lab In Howrah, your physician will begin treating you. Factor replacement therapy and blood platelet transfusion are some of the top treatments associated with blood clotting disorders. 

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