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3 Things to Know If You Have Been Vaccinated Recently

Till now, more than 120 million people in India have been fully vaccinated. Suppose you are one of them, congratulations. You might not be fully protected against Covid 19, but you certainly have at least partial immunity against the disease. If you got vaccinated recently, do not panic, but there might be some side effects against it. We are not asking you to get a Covid test in Kolkata, but there are some rules you still have to follow.

What Should You Do After Vaccination?

Follow the tips mentioned below to make your vaccination successful and avoid any RT-PCR test lab in Kolkata in the future.

Social Distancing

Even though you got both doses of the vaccines, you will have to avoid crowds to build up your immunity. Covid 19 vaccines usually start working after two weeks. So, if you start going to different crowded places, there is no guarantee that you will not get infected by the disease.

Wearing Masks

After fourteen days of your vaccination, your body will receive a high level of immunity to fight against Covid 19. But that does not stop you from wearing a mask. Even though there is a low chance that you will get hospitalized after getting Covid after vaccination, but you must wear a mask to protect others. If you do not wear a mask, people who are not vaccinated or vulnerable might get infected with the disease from you. So, be socially responsible and don a mask whether you have been vaccinated or not.

Taking an Antibody Test

If you have diabetes or above 60, take an antibody test in any RT-PCR test lab in Howrah. The test will tell you the level of antibodies in your body after getting fully vaccinated. By taking this test, you will be assured about the immunity level of your body post-vaccination.
We hope you are getting vaccinated as possible because it is the only way to stop the spreading of this disease.

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