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3 Medical Tests Every Elderly Person Must Be Aware Of

As we grow older, our bodies decay a lot faster. To be in good health, we need to undergo a lot of tests. But many of us get confused about which medical tests to take to detect any early signs of significant diseases. Do not worry, as this blog is here to help you. Over here, you will know the critical medical tests you need to undergo in the Best Diagnostic Centre In Howrah

Must-Know Health Tests to Know After 50

If you are over 50, do not forget to undergo the following health tests mentioned below. 

Vitamin D Test 

Most human beings suffer from a lack of phosphate and calcium in their bones as they grow older. As their muscles get weaker, they suffer from joint and bodily pain. The easiest way to detect any anomaly is by testing your vitamin D level in any Pathology Labs For Blood Tests In Howrah. If the tests display that the vitamin D level in your body is lower than the average level, your physician will give you supplements to increase it. 

HbA1c Test 

Even though many of us get tested for diabetes in our lives way before reaching our 50s, it becomes even more important to get tested after reaching that age group. HbA1c test is the best test for checking out if your blood sugar level is normal or not. This test tells you the average blood sugar level for the past three months. It is way more accurate than a regular blood sugar level test. 

Cholesterol Level Test

Cholesterol is one of the most critical parts of sustaining our body. It is required in our blood, but having an excess of it can cause a severe risk of a heart attack in us. That is why a routine cholesterol test is required for anyone above 50. 

Apart from the tests mentioned above, there are several other medical tests you can undergo in the Best Pathology Lab In Howrah. 

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